Tribute Paintings

It all started after I watched “Loving Vincent”. I loved it, I loved the idea of 68,000 paintings in the style of Van Gogh. So I tried a few. You can learn a lot by copying the Masters, even poorly.

it was terrifying at first, I gave up my comfortably digital tools, and went medieval: canvas, brush and paint. The landscapes went okay, but the portraits? Ugh! I didn’t know enough about color, and I forgot about line. I couldn’t see my sketch lines, the graphite mixed with the paint.

so then I went color pencil, that was much better, then I scanned the color pencil and added some digital. Way better! So I scanned everything and messed with them. Some better, some worse. Then I spent a month colorizing old Hollywood head shots. I learned a little bit about color.

Now, I’m back to digital for awhile, scanning, filtering, drawing what the filter eliminates, having way too much fun.

im changing things to my liking, not improving, but I’m making images, some with a lot of handwork, some with just a touch of highlights. I’m not trying to prove anything, I’m after an image that suggests a tribute to the original.

I’m changing media, adding some family portraits, some other photos…

I don’t know when, or if I will stop!