We Get The Leadership We Deserve

We have just had a national election. Again, the country has been polarized, guaranteeing that half the country will be gnashing their teeth because of the outcome. No matter who won, this would be true.

Threats of leaving the country, threats of leaving friends, because “how could you vote for such a despicable person?”
Liar, traitor, scum, abuser, fraud…
Exactly who does the polarizing? Certainly the media keeps it going on their 24 hour news cycle. Did they invent it in the first place?
No, I don’t think so, but they certainly feasted upon it. And they probably added some spice so that it tasted better. They can easily say that it is not their job to solve the problem.
No, the real culprit are the candidates themselves. They must own the lies, the unkind remarks, the ethical failures, and the selfish motivations. That’s true enough, their actions began the process, but do we have some fault in this?
We say, “they are only human”, meaning we can’t expect much from them. 
I say that we can expect much. Indeed, they are required to be more than they are. But if we stand silent how does anything change? 
We have had an election where some things have been forgiven or overlooked for one candidate, while other things remain hideous and vile for the other. We are the ones that do that! We keep the disfunction going.
One of the candidates won. Was it the better one? Was it the one who will have the answers for our divided country? I dunno!
I’ve been told that being elected to high office changes you. The intense responsibility causes a foundational shift. I pray that this is the case.
This change may help to understand the cause for our national sickness, it just might bring about the solution to our division. Since we caused it, we should certainly see how to fix it!
The Bible calls it repentance. It is for all of us, and the hope of our future.