Newly retired college professor, based in the Bay Area, California. I attempt… I try to write poetry, some fiction, a lot of personal history, and the usual ponderings and commentary rants. I also take photographs and sometimes work with photoshop just a little…okay, a lot, so much so that no original pixels are left. I also design in vector, some 3D. At one point, the only media that I laid claim to was sculpture. I like carving stone, no grinders, no power chisels, just using hand tools. Now, I’m getting to like working steel and knife making, maybe a little leatherwork. I keep busy.

I’ve been told this blog is huge. An eclectic collection of thoughts, images… some useful, some not. In some sense I’m building a virtual representation of who I am. Or who I would like to be? I should be more careful to edit the dreck. Then again, the dreck is the contrast necessary to shine light on the good! Really?

So, this blog is documenting an eclectic life, with eclectic interests.

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  1. June Richards says:

    Dear John,
    I love all the work. Your sense of humor is lovely, and your sense of whimsey is always appreciated. Oh those beauties in the picture are worth a thousand words – my love to all – june

  2. Gill McGrath says:

    Hey! I Like your stuff. A real joy. Glad I chanced on your site. Will continue to look around.

  3. Hi John,
    You have an amazing blog here. Im so glad I found this. I can learn alot from your blog. I look forward to reading more of your posts. Kind regards.

  4. Che Presant says:

    It was so good running into you today. I have checked out your site and it is beautiful. Your writing is excellent and action packed. Your photography is amazing!
    I have picked up what I need to make the balls. I will make them next week. I was thinking I will get in touch with you early next week, and we can set up a time to bring these balls to you. You are number one in my book…Che

  5. AmyRose🌹 says:

    Your blog is huge and there is SO much here that you have put your Heart and Mind into. Thank you for sharing yourself. I just followed you so I do look forward in getting to know you better, John. Much Love, <3

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