At the Birth

Sitting in Waiting Area

Generally hospitals have a negative standing in my feelings. In truth, at least 75% of my hospital time is concerning births, and that is absolutely joyous. I am in a waiting area for the birth of my grandchild from my eldest daughter. I am in joy, but I still feel creepy about hospitals.

Thinking generationally now. All the things passed from one generation to the other. The positive, the negative, the floating in between. Jenna appears to have taken the positive head on, and twisted the negatives into positives for her. I’m not sure what she has done with the floating in betweens.

And now Jenna and Stuart have their own generational mission, passing down their family spiritual DNA, as well as the physical.

Odd to think the child is already here, safely wrapped in the womb, yet we are expecting an “appearance”.

It’s been a long while from my first hand experience, more than eighteen years. I must say this is in some ways better, less work and more joy.

Well, apart from the moans and cries from down the hall, where an expectant mother is deep in contractions, things are good. Clarification, not my daughter, but someone’s daughter.

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