Right Time, Right Place, Right EDC

It is the season, with lots of shopping, and it is just a little frantic. Wife and I are downtown in the thick of things and actually being fairly successful. I find a bench outside various stores, and she is inside purchasing swag.We are in two worlds right now. We know the reason for the season and we also love the process of thoughtful giving.
Something just happened that sorta proves the plan of having the right person at the right time. We were checking our meter in the parking garage when a very concerned young lady approached us, asking to use our cell phone. She had locked her keys and her phone in the car, and her sister was down stairs in a store. Extremely agitated. Fine, no problem, my wife gave her a phone and walked with her back to her truck. I finished with the meter and placed some packages in the backseat when I heard my wife asking me to hurry over.

Getting over to the pickup I found the mother frantically pushing on the back window of the pickup. Yep, the mother had also locked the baby in the truck as well.
So here is where the right person at the right time comes.
I am fond of good quality pocket knives. I regularly carry a fairly large knife with a very thick blade. It’s called my Every Day Carry, my EDC. My family has often made fun of my habit, but that’s okay, I carry what I wish.
The blade slipped into the back window easily, and the thickness of the blade allowed it to pry open the window in a couple of seconds. The mom’s little niece popped through the window and unlocked the doors. The mom was still shaking but everything worked out. I will continue to carry a large knife, because you just never know.