Tangential Thoughts

Thinking about those protozoas. I’m pretty sure they are not thinking about me. Or are they? So far there are over 50,000 identified protozoan creatures. We know a little about the ones that demand attention, because they cause illness, like malaria. But if they appear not to have an effect, we probably ignore them.

Ha, what about Toxoplasma gondii, it may create cat ladies and possibly cause men to take risky challenges. So, another possibility is that there thousands of potential parasites that are programming our brains in accordance to their desires. The Zombie Apocalypse is real… possibly.

Let’s see, what actions are difficult to excuse, meaning that they are not logical? Fear of spiders and tiny insects. I mean look at the size ratio. Are there protozoas that fear the insects, so they make us act crazy? Are we just the hired assassin? What about Road Rage?
I am overwhelmed by the possibility of my thoughts not being my own. Little one celled whisperers, sneaking into my brain. Bad enough that I have radio waves playing rap music piercing my DNA. Yes, I frequently worry about that. I started being concerned about the long term effects of CB radio. Who knows about Wifi, short wave, FM, and AM talk shows?

I truly am overwhelmed!