Which Way Should I Go?

I believe I first thought of this because I wanted my children to know how to get home. We live in a suburb where the streets twist and turn, as if they were following some sort of geographic terrain. Not so, the planners could have done a simple street grid system, but that would be been too much like the city. So our roads are like asphalt snakes. Twisty!
What I did was simple… periodically I would drive home after picking up a child, and I would pretend to grow stupid. This was easy for my kids to accept. Then, I would declare that I was lost, and they would have to select the right roads in order to get home.
In order for this to work had to follow their directions, I had to be willing to turn when the said, even if it was a wrong turn. Eyes grew wide we we often ended up on a dead-end road.

And, to add to the dilemma I would read all the street signs backwards. Stop would become Pots. Deeps timil 51 and gnix dep were favorites.
I think the lesson was learned on several levels. First, trust your parents, they often know where they are going. Second, even if you are not driving, watch where you are going, because somebody could suddenly get stupid. 
I continued with this game until each of my four children could successfully find their way home. Or, if by following their directions I ended up miles away in the drive-in lane for fast food.