Short Poems 2

What Now?
The wide world is waiting,
I am breathless,
Watching your steps.
Confident in futures unfolding,
But forgetting to do
Basic things, like breathing,
Confabulated by love.

Palms that wave the royal wave.
A wave from years of training,
A slight of hand that reveals nothing.

An extended palm that slowly turns,
A frond driven by the wind.
Greeting and beckoning
With endless grace..

Classic Lines
On the stage of life,
Delivering lines deep,
With meaning meaning and truth

She now rejoices with
Sudden Motherhood,

It warms me when
Cold creeps
And bones ache

I am refreshed and
Even proud.
Because my son

Leaves Falling
Today I heard leaves falling
I had agendas and places to be
Important and pressing
But today I heard leaves falling
And the sound stopped me.

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