When I think of you…
I think of books read and reread,
With story endings always in flux,
A willingness to dispel the certain future.

When I think of you…
A sense of calmness overwhelms,
A watchfulness, observing what is needed,
Prepared to provide the missing piece.

When I think of you…
The parent comes through, the care, the hope,
Aware of the responsibility, pushing past the fear,
Finding the love that replaces it.

When I think of you…
I think of laughter that penetrates the soul,
A joy that is contagious, bursting upon the scene,
Changing everyone in every direction,
Please never change.

When I think of you..
I think about thinking,
I think about the past and what it might mean,
I think about how I am a part of the past,
And how that it shapes my future.
I think about the civic responsibility to learn.

When I think of you…
I think I love you beyond measure,
And how inadequate my words express how I feel.