The Groundling

I am by nature a groundling.
I am on the earth, and only very rarely, and unnaturally, traveling above it.
Mostly, I step forward falling, only to catch myself with my other leg,
And then the process repeats.

I sometimes use machines, with wheels.
And I propel myself forward, on the ground.
Always looking to the ground, watching for sharp things.
Watching for obstacles that would block my motion.

I am by nature a groundling.
But there are times, when I hear the wind.
And I look up to see the Ruach HaKodesh in the trees.
Surrounding the branches, enveloped in the soup, yielding to the effect.

Then I realize that I am in the soup as well, the wind is on my face.
And that we are connected, the tree and I.
And for a moment I am not a groundling.
And my spirit and the Ruach HaKodesh are one and the same.

And I am completely carried away, wrapped in the arms
Of the Companion and Comforter.

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