Life and Death

There are two states that are guaranteed for all, you are either one, or the other. Further more, all who are alive will eventually he dead, that’s a sobbering thought. Its not a blog I generally like to write about, too depressing, too final. And yet I have mentioned that I’m closer to the end than the beginning. I just had a birthday and you can’t deny that 69 is old! Not decrepit, but pretty dam old.

Well, this year a plot was added to the birthday four days later. On June 16, 2018 I had my first heart attack. It should have been my third or fourth but my body kept adjusting. The valves are closing, well, build another one to bi-pass it. Adjust!

But on that day it had had enough. The right closed-up, the left took it’s lead and shut down. The central had been plugged for almost ten years and tried to muscle through. It didn’t work, blood flow slowed to a minimum and the surviving muscle sent out pain signals.

I had been tearing out a rotting deck, I thought I was tired, with a muscle pull between my shoulders. That rationale lasted about twenty minutes. When I finally called for help, wiser heads prevailed, and I was taken to emergency. Little did I realiize how crucial the timing was.

The long and the short was that three pathways were clogged. One received an emergency stent. Heart attack stopped. One can’t be stinted, so in a month it will be open heart surgery.

I’m still processing what I experienced in the ICU, and the thoughts of the future. For now. I am still alive.