Please a Knock!

A friend has made the remark that my thread leading from thought to faith was… soulless. Hmm. My faith life certainly doesn’t seem soulless. 
This thread wasn’t meant to be a formula for faith. Faith comes as a gift as far as I can tell. I think I just wanted to follow a single strand of thought, almost as a test, carry it step by step and where does it lead?
For me, the change of “what?” to “why?” is all about the purpose and meaning of life. I completely understand why different cultures develop complex structures of faith. But I am not persuaded to become a believer by logic.
I believe in a personal relationship. I believe in God as the ultimate creator, patiently creating a path that leads back to Him. He gives us free will to challenge us. We are not robots, we come to Him with choice, making the journey sacred with truth. 
It hasn’t been a straight path back to Him. We have acted on our own understanding far too much, and it has led us astray. But we have also used evidence, the sufficiency of evidence, to provide choices that have brought peace and comfort. 
For those who have a built in “why?” there is an answer. The scripture of “knock and the door shall open” is not just a quaint saying. It is a key to understanding.