Very Old Poetry

Older Now
Where do I find it?
That which I’ve lost.
Grey ribbons of packaged thoughts.
Shadow roads.

Desk Object
A cracked cup
Notched for a dying rose
Longs for coffee and lips.

Space wraps endless arms
While I sit watching
Time pass…
…dust falling on my food.

Words that I might taste,
Gestures that I might hear.
These are the things I wish for,
Year after year.

The Year with No Roof
A fine smooth road with liplike curves,
​Memories on the corner of every smile.

Captive bird…
Drawn to the light,
At dusk it flew to the moon,

Speak to me of seaweed,
​and urchins,
​and fish glistening.
I am salty wet with
​last night’s rememberances,
​swimming in your thoughts.

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