The Flag, the Anthem

Why does the country have symbols? They are simply shortcuts, representing much larger concepts. Like logos that represent companies, the flag represents the country. The Anthem connects to the flag, and again, is a symbol of our country, and concepts of patriotism.

If you are very lucky the flag represents the best part of the country’s goals and ideals. It doesn’t represent the failures and missteps. Well, again, if your lucky.

The flag of the Third Reich now represents the evil that existed, so it disappeared, except as a symbol of social misfits.

Interestingly the flag of the Rising Sun (the other Axis Power) is still flying proudly over Japan’s Maritime Defense Forces.

Why is this issue of athletes and kneeling during the Anthem national news?
If there are important national issues that are ignored it is a real concern. We eventually lose the values that we cherish in our symbols. Attacking the symbols is one tactic that has worked to bring about discussion and positive action.

But this comes at a price. Reminding everyone that our symbols are tarnished removes an idea of “the ideal”. The city shining on the hill is just another cold community filled with trash and garbage.

Some will say that this is good, it is at least, a taste of reality. Some say it removes hopefulness or a goal we strive to attain. There is evidence on both sides.

I like my symbols, I like that they are mostly hidden, and therefore cannot be attacked. But I must admit the flag is a concern to me, too much apart of my history.
I understand what is going on, and I grieve that it is so.