The Day After the Wedding

Pondering Review
I had two big jobs. The father/daughter dance, and I had to be charming to folks.
First, I am not naturally a charming fellow. It is something that I have to work hard at, and often comes across as quaint or simply obtuse. This is also complicated by hormone and radiation therapy, so add weepy, moody, and tired to the mix, and we are possibly looking at a perfect storm.
The second problem is that I don’t dance. I’ve done this before, and it was difficult then, as it was yesterday. Of course, it is not about me, and all eyes are on the beautiful bride, but I’m out there all alone dancing/standing next to her.
The greatest fear besides falling down, is that I would step on her (causing her to fall down), or that I would step on her dress, ripping it in some fashion.
Fortunately I had learned from my eldest daughter’s wedding that I could look great by simply allowing my daughter to dance around me. Plus, if I simply slide my shoes from one place to another, nothing could get under my foot, causing disaster.
So the dancing job was solved. As far as charming? Hmm, jury is still out on that. I think I coasted by with current friends and family, but the new guests? Meh… I’ll have to rely on the reports coming in down the road. I personally don’t remember much after the ceremony itself.
I had two jobs, I pray that I did them well enough.
On the real plus side, I gained a remarkable son whom I cherish, and I got to share the evening with friends and family… And new friends and new family!!!
It was a amazing

day, it wasn’t about me after all, but I had the pleasure of basking in the reflected glory.