Keys? I Have No Keys!

No Keys
I am reminded this morning of a statement by David Pavey during a guest sermon several years ago.
He mentioned that after an entire professional career, with all the perks of vehicles, homes and family, that he and his wife had decided to go to Europe as missionaries.

They began assessing their possessions, giving everything important to children and other relatives. Everything else they sold. Home, vehicles, the contents of storage sheds and the garage. They were perfectly clear, with everything they owned now safety packed in four suitcases and two carryons.

After forty years it was a very large reduction. Things were gone, not placed in storage for some future home repopulation, they had trimmed it all away.

The day came when they were at the airport, ready to take the flight to Europe. They had tickets and all they had to do was pass through security and their scanners.

Dave’s wife passed through fine. Dave had his belt off, his shoes in the tray along with his watch, and then he walked through the scanner. Bells and whistles went off and the TSA asked Dave if he had his keys in his pocket.

Dave stood stock still and pondered the question. “Keys? I have no keys. I have nothing that I own that needs keys. I don’t own anything that needs to be secured. I have nothing that needs to be locked up.”

“I don’t have the sense of responsibility that comes with a wad of keys. I am not burdened with the power that comes with how many things that I can unlock. No, I have no keys!”

Now Dave thought all these things fairly quickly, but still had delayed the line somewhat, so the TSA agent woke him up with a second question, “Keys, or spare change in your pocket?”

“Well, yes. I do have some spare change, sorry!” And then he went through with a very light heart.

I thought of this as I was searching for my keys this morning. My retirement has reduced my responsibilties greatly, reducing the number of keys tremendously. Now I have car, gas cap, and house key. A much smaller package, so small that now I lose track of where they are. Bummer! Now I can’t go anywhere. Wait… I don’t need to go. Got nothing that has to be done. It sorta works out that way.

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