On the Other Side of Wednesday

Time thoughts.
Wednesday is hump day. Get through Wednesday and the rest of the week is a downhill slide. 
Realistically Monday is terrifying, it’s intimidating with unknown challenges. The individual is still deeply connected to the weekend and it’s downright rude to impose a Monday with responsibilities.
So, for many people Monday is a waste. Tuesday gets full attention and Wednesday is mostly functional until about 3:00, then the realization that “Hump Day” is almost over…takes over. 
Thursday/Friday is just a slide into the weekend, when life really begins. Then it starts all over with Monday.
In a way, a 40 hour week is a misnomer. By my rough calculation it is about 14 hours of serious commitment and 26 hours of sliding and/or complaining. 
The trouble comes when you retire. Time is constant, but time is seen differently as the perspective changes. What is “Hump Day” now?
In other words, when we stand in one spot, or even when we wander around the general vicinity, we experience time, and the world, in a very predictive fashion. 
If we radical shift our perspective, we will see the world differently, and perhaps even experience time in a new way.
I am recently retired. Monday never really was that terrifying. I didn’t dread it coming, but I was at least understanding the analogy. When “Hump Day” commercials came on television, I could at least laugh.
Now, I don’t even get the joke. I’m not even sure what day it is. Time is the same, but I am experiencing it differently. 
So, was it work that structured my time? Most definitely work had the greatest impact. Even if there were other events that helped to structure my world, even those events were created within the time that work allowed.
Who, or what structures my time now?
I suppose I’m still impacted by those that still “work”. I have to wait to see my mechanic on Monday morning (I hope he isn’t having a Monday experience). My wife still works so there that influence. All my children work, or at least are living the work “timeline”.
All that is still tangential to my own structure. I am on “Johntime”. I’m still learning what that looks like after two years.
I’m in such danger of being feckless.