Life is Happening

Life is Happening

We traveled east to Eastern University to witness our middle daughter’s graduation. A very special day, she worked very hard and managed a magna cum laude. Very proud and she deserves every accolade. Odd to think how fast life is happening. We get a text message from our oldest daughter that she experienced her first major contraction. Wait, slow down, one thing at a time. But life isn’t linear, it just all happens at once, in packets, or clumps.

An hour after graduating, my daughter is engaged. And here is another packet of experiences, firsts. They might have been a couple before, but now they’re a Couple. Weddings, births, jobs, careers, moving. All good things, exciting things, but there sure is a lot going on.

Pondering the word engagement. I have the picture of two spinning gears, both in their own world, happily co-existing, even moving parallel to each other. But now they are engaged, they are now connected, driving each other, enmeshed, spinning in sync, supporting each other, in tune and going forward. Thinking about Jean Luc Picard, “Engage!” No longer coasting in neutral, but now having gear connecting to gear, the couple is moving forward. Life is Happening!

We are so blessed, blessed that they found each other in a world that does it’s best to obfuscate and distract. Blessed that we could witness and experience the beginning of a life time. Really, really good stuff!

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