Okay, this is more a response to current events, and I don’t generally write about current events. The reason is that I don’t believe that the full story is always apparent. But in this case…
The difference here is so obvious that I am amazed. Yes, there has been conflict in the streets. Yes, there has been violence exhibited from both sides. It does not mean that they are equally bad.
On one side there are individuals who have disagreed with policies and politics, some have used the protest to damage or destroy public and private property. They often have no regard for civility. Many Americans find them over the top disrespectful. 
On the other side there are white supremacists, neo-nazis, KKK, flat out Nazis, and their wanna be hanger-ons. A pretty disgusting bunch.
It’s easy to say “a pox on both your houses”. And I do!
However, take the violence away and the story is quite different. One side is just annoying, and the other side wants to use genocide to create their perfect world.
People, there is no point to say how bad they both are, one side wants to confront you, and the other side wants to eat your liver.
Wake up folks, the media isn’t helping you to see the difference. Sure, I would not want either side as neighbors, but I know where they rank on the scale of danger.