Cheek Failure

I lasted about thirty minutes per cheek. I have two cheeks so that’s about an hour. Well, I actually have four cheeks but only two that I sit on. Riding my bike was getting to be a very short ride. I even purchased a mini-tractor seat in order to spread the load, so to speak. It didn’t work, an hour was it, and even that in some pain.

I was carrying some weight, nearly 300 lbs, (and maybe sometimes over) but how was I supposed to lose anything if I was limited in my exercise time?

Just about that time my friend introduced me to recumbent tricycles. In fact, he was a dealer for a Taiwanese maker. Twenty minutes later I bought it, that was 7400 miles ago and 120 pounds less, over about 5 years in time.

I’ve made dozens of little mod to the trike, changed the headsets, changed chain rings, put on Monkey Pod clips, sprung the seat on rubber shocks, installed 5 lights, upgraded disc brakes, installed headrest speakers, running a small microwave/refrigerator. Okay, maybe I’m only thinking about the last one.

The point is that I’m no longer hypnotized by the front tire. And I can go as slow as I want without falling over. I’m looking up at the trees and clouds, and no more cheek pain, only problem is that I have to be careful to wake up when I get home. Exercise while napping, what a concept!

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