Things Unsaid…

It’s been an interesting week. For me that generally means that I’ve learned something. Well, not learned something necessarily factual, like an answer on Jeopardy, but learned something that has been applied to the core of what I think, or who I am.

I pondered death on Monday, not my own, but someone else’s. Someone I didn’t know. Usually you experience that through the media, which creates a huge distance. But there is nothing quite like being at a gravesite service to witness the interaction of love and care, particularly when you really don’t know anyone there.

Grief is expressed in so many different ways… And perhaps most of us try to divide it into pieces, and then defer each piece into a separate time in the future. I found myself grieving my father just a little, and my father-in-law just a little more.

The phrase “things unsaid, things undone”, is still ringing in my ears. Is this impossible to accomplish? Maybe because of our imperfection. It takes perfection to say, “It is finished.”

And now today I am reminded of how much love is out there, honored that some of it is pointed towards me. Our love and our care sets the stage, our imperfections create “things unsaid, and things undone”. Time is so short for all of us.

Maybe, just maybe, we all need to repeat some things that are important as well, because… Because we are imperfect!