The Bear and the Deerfly

One upon a time there was a young person in the forest, minding their own business, harming nothing and no one.

Suddenly a bear pounced upon the person and began tearing flesh and biting limbs. It was a terrible fight. 
Despite broken bones, torn flesh, bruises, and loss of blood, the young person was victorious, and the bear was defeated. 
The young person was relieved, and was in the process of binding wounds, and resting in the shade, when the deerfly began his attack. 
Circling in ever smaller spirals the deerfly landed on a bare shoulder and bit, drawing blood. The young person swatted at the fly and missed with some irritation. 
The fly continued his spirals, and even invited a few mosquito friends to join the fun. 
The young person stood their ground and swatted away until all of the buzzing ceased. It was victory again.
The moral of the story is to stand up and defend yourself, but know the difference between a bear and a deerfly. 
In the future they will both appear again.