Short Poems 1

Everything is New
Learning the stories, trying to
Remember all the names.
What was when and
Who was who?

All that will come, and new stories
Will be told.
Stories about you
And how much you are loved.

I Was Once a Child
I was horribly shy, a quiet
Bearded baby.
She was told I was an “old soul”,
But I think I just needed
A shave.

A Mystery
Brilliant, untarnished,
Seeing the unmatched,
Feeling the unfelt.
What will she do?

Band of Brothers
Henry said, “we few, we happy few,
We band of brothers,
For he today who sheds his blood
With me shall be my brother”

We are brothers in His Blood
But more than that
It would be my honor
To fight by your side.

Foreign Lands
Alleys formed by back doors
Of busy streets, twisted, dark,
Turning with sameness.

Refuse littered, worth nothing
Even to the poor, like black
Thoughts behind active minds.

It does not have to be.

What joy and thunder,
Flashing eyes,
Lightning thoughts.

Storm laughing,
And laughing.

Stirring dead leaves
Offers to pain to
The moldering pile.
It only provides fresh
Compost to plant
New thoughts.

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