Fifth Day

This morning was spent driving in the cab of the tow truck, back down the mountain, to the dealership in Redding. A little bit of a downer, dealership folks not the most friendly. They said not a word to us after the trike disappeared into repair. Could it take hours? Days? Weeks?
No one talked, one guy never took his eye off his computer screen. Not even a glance. I poked around until I found a chair. An hour passed and nothing, so Matthew finally corners the guy and he very reluctantly said it would be done shortly. 
Then it was done! I signed some papers and we went to eat something. Too late to drive to the coast, so we decided to head south on 5. Time for some freeway cruising!
Speed limit 70 so sometimes I drifted a little faster. A few cars were passing us but not many. That trike is steady as a rock at cruising speeds and long straight roads. Wow! Not the most scenic but loads of fun. 
Heading back up into the mountains above Folsom tomorrow, hopefully cooler.