Second Day


We left Grass Valley with a vague direction of going north on Hwy 49. I’ve been on 49 dozens of times, but it’s been years since I drove northeast from Grass Valley. The road isn’t nearly as twisty and not so many hairpins as other parts of 49. Still, I had to muscle though my share of turns. Matthew is just leaning left and leaning right. I’m trying to pull 3,000 lbs through a 25 mile an hour curve. These aren’t the muscles that I went to the gym to stretch out.

Beautiful ride to Downieville. Hot in the sun but cool in the shade. At times it seemed like we were riding through bands of temperature.

Stopped for lunch in Sierra City, outside garden with a creek side setting. One of the best experiences of any restaurant in recent memory, great food!

Hwy 49 was ending, so we had the make the decision to go right to Truckee or left to Quincy. Quincy has the Feather River canyon and I’ve always been fond of that road and the tunnels.

Heading west now, maybe tomorrow we will hit Mt. Lassen on the way to the coast. We are in fire country here. All of the motel rooms are taken by firefighters. We got the last room in Quincy that doesn’t reek of curry. But no one is in the lots, they are all fighting a fire somewhere.