I’m a fan, but I don’t know why.

I collect data, or even datum, and I update my records. I periodically search for connections to people that I will never connect with. I’m aware of thousands of relatives but do not visit first cousins only forty minutes away.

The data does not drive me however. I gather data only to find the stories. I know this to be true for several reasons. Obviously the stories that are family verified and also the other stories that no one has mentioned. I find them fascinating.

I also came to possess a family archive of photos, personal letters, business receipts, etc. in the process of understanding the collection I created a family-tree for the individuals in the archive. Again, it was data collection, but it was also the stories buried in the data that interested me the most.

So maybe I do know why I’m a fan.

I will post another page on my findings of the Truesdell Archives. Okay, it might be 14 pages and even longer after I add the images. Hey, I’ve got the time.

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  1. Candia says:

    I also like mapping out genealogical charts and have spent a number of winters totally immersed in stories connected to my family from two and three centuries before, so I understand the fascination.
    Thanks for following Candia- she must be royal as she has the Stuart surname and the Dixons were originally Sir Richard Keith’s sons- hence Dick’s sons! Sir Richard Keith was Robert the Bruce’s right hand man and was created the first Earl Marischal of Scotland. No wonder she is bossy!
    Visit again soon- you have the time!

    • johndiestler says:

      Yes, no horse thieves so far.
      One story of a small village where my relative was the pastor at a wedding, half the village was there. In the middle of the ceremony a tornado hit the church, killing many, of the wedding party only the groom survived. A horrible event obviously, but a repeated story, after a death many families move. I wanted to know why there was so much movement, from country to country, county to county, and city to city. I can’t ask why, because it was so long ago, but I did find a repeating theme, a death in the family.

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