The Long Now

I’ve been pondering things that I don’t know. Well, that’s not exactly accurate. That category is far too immense to ponder. So let me be specific. My recent post about time has caused me to review dozens of sites, filled with completely incomprehensible concepts in physics. 
I consider myself at least above the tick that measures average intelligence. Okay, maybe only the tick that is average. Still, I’m a human, so theoretically, if I read slowly, with lots of background research, I should be able to understand a Wikipedia article.
Not so, I’ve read and reread several articles on time that have completely defeated me. Other humans have apparently understood these things, but I am outside the building with my nose against the glass.
So here I am, bouncing down the road of knowledge, my head bruised by the ceiling of my comprehension. That’s a very good visual. I wouldn’t be too concerned if they were 12ft ceilings, but apparently I’m in a 4x4x4 box. 
Let me give you an example. Google the phrase “Clock of the Long Now”.
This is something that I knew nothing about. Not even a glimmer. Now that I have found the Wikipedia page, I have read it three times. I can repeat many of the facts that I’ve read, but I have failed to understand the purpose and meaning. 
I mean, Amazon has purchased an entire mountaintop in Nevada in order to install the proposed clock. Okay, I get that some people know how important it is, but I can’t find the way to that same conclusion. 
Maybe I just have to accept that some things I will not know, even if it is ticking in front of my face!