I’ve been thinking about the worse word in the English language, possibly the worse word in any language.

It ends up being a tie.

No, they aren’t four letter words, or any type of discouraging words. (Wow, I never thought about the meaning of the line in the song, “Home on the Range”. Deep!) Not that I’m saying that those examples aren’t bad, they are their own way horrible.

It does seem that we have an abundance of discouraging words. My worse words are much more sneaky, and spiritually deadly.

The first word is “hopelessness”. It describes a state of being that I “hope” is impossible. I can’t even begin to comprehend the complete meaning. I think perhaps it can be illustrated…

No, hopelessness can’t exist. Pandora’s jar kept “hopelessness” from being loosed upon humanity. We are allowed perceive it, but it is only a concept of the most devastating condition imaginable.

Yet, we can choose to embrace it.

My other word, the word that is equally the worse word, is “coincidence”. Very sneaky word, a word that can come up almost daily. It often appears to very perceptive people, people that are attentive and alert. It’s funny, because the dictionary definition is, “a remarkable occurrence…”

Why is it remarkable? Well, because it looks like the occurrence is part of a plan, but of course that’s ridiculous because there is no plan. What?

So much is lost because of sneaky words, resulting in living a life without meaning. Embracing coincidence steals from your life. Use it only in Scrabble, it can be worth nearly 200 points.