Nude with a Hat

Charles Guerin

It did have its disadvantages, many painting developed lasting relationships because of the amount of time spent with a live model. Painting from a photograph had limited social interaction.

I somehow missed the talent of Charles Guerin, a late 19th century French impressionist. Many artists were now using photography in their studio work, they would set up the lighting, provide the props, then call in a model for a quick session for a photograph instead of hours in a drafty studio for traditional painting.

So, while I’m not opposed to nudity in art, I thought it was somehow unfair that these brave men and women were only known for their nude participation in art.

I started collecting the photos and the scan of paintings that I liked based upon composition, palette, and general quality. Some I had to colorize after raising the resolution and repairing the scan. Some I had to radically increase the saturation to get the right color. Of course all this filtering wiped out fine details, so I had to add layers of detail, focusing on eyes, hair, and skin tones.

I did use several new AI programs that providing clothing. I forgot to mention, that was my initial intention. To make a decent image that was successful based upon color, composition, and saturation.

In Charles Guerin I had dozens of choices, the most famous is the Nude in a Hat, now she is in a chic black dress, with a hat.

I for got to mention, putting AI clothes on a figure is not like cut-out paper doll clothes. The figure can be in a variety of complex poses with hands in various places, legs crossed, arms akimbo…

AI can only do so much then it breaks down and suddenly the model has three legs, of]r large patches of fabric are simply missing.

For a test subject I thought I would use the famous statue of David by Michelangelo. I thought a nice modern tuxedo would be good look, and family friendly. What I got was a nice coat, with a pair of chaps instead of pants. It was way worse than just the nude.

So, it always takes study in light, color and fabric folds to color the mistakes. The subtle high lights of a black satin dress took hours, and I’m still not satisfied.

So, here are some of my favorites…

Not Guerin, Belle Epoque photo
Belle Epoque
Belle Epoque
Belle Epoque
Belle Epoque
Rugby arms, and bad color dress
Belle Epoque
Belle Epoque
Belle Epoque

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow so creative and difficult! Good work!

    • johndiestler – Lafayette, California – Retired community college professor of graphic design, multimedia and photography, and chair of the fine arts and media department.
      johndiestler says:

      We need to drink coffee!

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