Tribute Meaning

A tribute work is generally based upon some other work that has been scanned, photographed, or perhaps a painting hanging on a wall.

I have used this work to make another work, not to improve it, but perhaps it has inspired me to go in another direction,

The changes that are made range from massive to major, or perhaps just filtered for color palette change and saturation. In general the filtering process wil remove fine detail, this is reasonable for the background, but causes problems where the detail is important.

Sometimes a few minutes of filtering can cause hours making layers of hand drawn details. Hair, eyes, lips, fingers, ears are generally the problem areas. Digita; artifacts also show up in random places.

Most of my efforts started with repairing old photographs found online. Often they were of low resolution quality, with cracks, chips and dust particles. Restoring old B&Ws with better resolution is very satisfying. Some of these can turn into tribute works by applying color and texture through filters.

Each image will have changes, an example of massive is that the image will sketched by hand in pen, ink, color pencil, etc. then that image will be scanned and filters applied. It can then be printed on 11×17 high quality art paper with high resolution, perhaps additional color pencil or ink is again applied. Then this is once again scanned for a final digital check.

The vast majority has not had this massive of a procedure.

Lately, I have called up past digital works and used new tools to make new images. It’s a never ending stream. I like this analogy, because you can never cross the same river twice. It’s different water!

This link is to a YouTube collection of my favorite tribute pieces.

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Retired community college professor of graphic design, multimedia and photography, and chair of the fine arts and media department.
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