The poem website “www.voetica.com”, where I have recorded some poetry, was hacked by Russians. David, who started ithe site, had contacted me and asked if every thing was okay with the recordings I did.. Usually it was at least 15 poems by each poet.

I think it was Richard Brautigan, Leonard Cohen, Annie Dillard, Bob Dylan, Ferlinghetti, David Gray, Rod McKuen, Paul Simon, and of course John Diestler. At least this what I remember doing. All seem to be there and sounding amazing!

Please go there to read and listen to some amazing poets!

Anyway, it took awhile to check all those places!!! What did I find?

On the one poet, Annie Dillard, I had recorded a few things from her book “Pilgrim on Tinker Creek”, and in the credit line it had been changed to “Pinker on Tinker Creek”.

The hackers had left behind a little rhyme

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