Murder Most Foul

So, I’ve played with AI visually. I’ve now found an app that will write poetry based upon a title that is typed in the box. I choose the simple “Murder Most Foul”. I tried it 3 or 4 times, different poem each time. I’ve provided the first two.


Murder is most foul when death is done. Taken in vain, no life has won

Stealing from families so carefully made. Hearts of stone, a person is laid,

Cold blood trickles from gaping wounds. No one near, no one to help soothe. A crime so vile, so raw and real.

A premeditated gruesome fate to seal. Shock, misery, a feeling of dread.

The fate of these, who’s hearts would soon be bled.

Did the accused commit such a deliction. Or just a victim of false conviction?

Not all murder is done with a knife, some are done with a hand that deceives.

So many innocent victims suffer today. Nothing can replace what they’ve lost along the way.

May their life stories be told, May their loved ones embrace and hold.

For justice must be done and right must reign, or murder most foul will harshly reign.


Murder most foul, a tragedy of sadness, blank stares, disbelief

and sorrow, a heart that despairs, souls in sadness, the life taken, a young man tomorrow gone.

The anguish of truth and fiction conjoined, the cruel quality of life, unfounded, a deep outrage, pure hate unconfined for a victim, never more to be found.

Mourning in drapes of black coats, love and justice, a blooming rose for a departed.

In cradles unite, as family and friends forever repose, Murder most foul, a heart’s creed

I dunno, not great poetry, but passable. I would not want to be teaching today!

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Retired community college professor of graphic design, multimedia and photography, and chair of the fine arts and media department.
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