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There is something to be said about visiting a new friend and then looking over their albums. Ha! In the days when we had albums. 

An album collection was almost decoration, it was out and it was available. It invited inspection. You could learn a lot about a person from the music that was important to them.  

Well, it was a start at least.

Today it is much more intrusive to ask to see someone’s playlist. I noticed that it is not so easy to get a simple line by line printout. From what I gather playlists are too private to be shared.  

My playlists have changed over the years. I will always include the classics that I grew up with. They are etched in my soul, I can almost sense the order of the songs on the album.

I have added other songs now, some flashbacks to the past, some barely known to only a few. The list below is not conclusion and there are many others left out. This is just my current top forty.

1. Adele- most everything

2. Alanis Morissette- most of everything

3. Alison Krauss- most verything

4. Anna Nalick- Breathe, Soldier, Wreck of the Day

5. Annie Lennox- everything

6. Anouk- For Bitter or Worse, I don’t Want to Hurt No More

7. Beth Hart- Leave the Light On, My California, Take it Easy on Me

8. Bob Dylan- most older things

9. Bob Marley- most everything

10. Brian Eno- most everything

11. Brooke Fraser- Jack Kerouac

12. Bright Eyes- most everything

13. Buckethead- everything

14. Civil Wars- most everything

15. Cranberries- most everything

16. Dar Williams- most everything

17. Decemberists- most everything

18. Diana Krall- most everything

19. Dido-most everything

20. Don McLean- most everything

21. Edie Brickell- Buffalo Ghost

22. Enya- most everything

23. Charlottes Martin- Most everything, Wild Horses

24. Cocteau Twins- Alice, Pandora

25. Ilya Anderson- most everything

26. Imogene Heap- everything

27. Lamb- Gorecki

28. Lana Del Rey- most everything

29. Lucy Kaplinsky- everything

30. Moby- most everything

31. Neshama Carlbach- most everything 

32. Philip Glass- everything

33. Pink- most everything

34. Pomplamouse- most everything

35. Regina Spektor- most everything

36. Sia- most everything

37. Shawn Colvin- everything

38. Suzanne Vega- most everything

39. Tim Buckley- most everything

40. Tori Amos- most everything

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Retired community college professor of graphic design, multimedia and photography, and chair of the fine arts and media department.
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