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I’ve been busy with techniques. I love the sketching, and have become a big fan of the solid graphite pencils. They are a little messy but a lot better than charcoal. There is a big problem though. The chemicals in acrylics dissolves the graphite and makes a mess. So laying color on later is a problem.

Okay, let’s try marker pens. Nope, the alcohol dissolves the graphite then contaminates the marker pen for life. I no longer have pure yellow.

Okay, let’s try fixative. Nope. Okay so then I try taking a photo of the sketch, then I print the photo. Perfect! The toner stays put, and seems inert. Naturally I’m back in my comfort zone, so now I’m editing the graphite image with bit-map and vector tools. It just too tempting.

So now I’m trying to just stay with the sketch. This does not solve the issue with graphite on canvas, so now I’m making the leap to sketch in fine black ink from a technical pen. Seems to work, but the knubby surface of the canvas destroys the pen pretty quick. Oh well, they’re cheap.

Bought some oil pastel sticks, time to get terrified in a whole new media. I don’t know about the graphite issue.

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Retired community college professor of graphic design, multimedia and photography, and chair of the fine arts and media department.
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    I am writing my comments in case they didn’t post. Wow.Really really great. Love these. Amazing to see. You are really talented.

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