More Techniques

A couple more of my favorites, that deserve some tribute work. I learn so much about the piece when I struggle to recreate it.

Of course, this is where practice can help create less hideous pieces. It’s tempting to stay in a nonobjective creative space. There are not “mistakes”, just alternatives.

When I was practicing on Vermeer’s “Girl with the Pearl Earring”, I think I did ten or so studies (one survived in the sketchbook), and at least five finished pieces in different mediums. I think I was hoping the medium would solve my problem. Often the sketch was promising, but the color execution was hideous.

Now there is at least a half-dozen ugly sisters of the girl. I give them away to people too kind to reject them. These two are portraits of Van Gogh and Durer. They are not awful. But if you know the original you might wonder how I got here.

Durer ended up looking over my left shoulder. He was supposed to look straight ahead. He is also older than 25, and meaner looking. Was I channeling a doppelgänger?

And Vincent? Well, he’s meaner as well, and crazy looking to boot. Maybe I’m angry at something or someone?

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